Country Comparison Perpetrators of Violence

Country Comparison Perpetrators of Violence

Level of government: 

Women face violence from many different actors, whether from opposition political parties or members and leaders of their own parties, from election officials, candidates or elected representatives, and even from their own family and community members.

Observations should collect data on the common perpetrators of violence against women in elections. Importantly, perpetrators should not be assumed to be always men women also have a role in perpetuating gender norms and perpetrating violence. Our data shows, however, that men are still the overwhelming majority of perpetrators, except for cases where observers indicated that both men and women were involved, or where no gender was noted.

Type of violence: 

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Electoral violence undermines democratic elections, which are a cornerstone of democratic governance. Violence against women in elections is a particular form of electoral violence, motivated by a desire to prevent women from participating in the electoral process, which sees women attacked for daring to participate in elections. Learn More About Votes Without Violence